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GEM CORPORATION INC. represents a strategic alliance of the enterprises specializing in market of Maritime and Landbase power plant industries.

We are Proud to announce that GEM CORPORATION has been appointed and engaged the contract/agreements between following world's leading companies as Manufacture's Authorized agent.

Sales and Service Representative

///NEW///Dono Compressor B.V.

What's New

  • Will be engauged the Agreement as an Agent of Deno Compressor B.V. in Japanese Market. (mid of July 2018)
  • Attended for the AURAMARINE promotional Japanese company visit in 2018 (28.05-01.06.2018) 
  • Start Marketing for AURAMARINE "FuelSafe" (27.04.2018)
  • Schaller Automation at SEA JAPAN 2018 Exhibition (10-13.04.2018)
  • Schaller Automation at APM (Asia Pacific Maritime) 2018 Exhibistion (
  • Participated the AURAMARINE WORLD REPRESENATIVE MEETING held in Turku, Finland (10-11.10.2017)
  • AURAMARINE intensifies strategic focus on Fuel Oil Solutions. ends-After Sales, Service and Support will continue. (18.09.2017) 
  • Schaller Automation at SMM Hamburg 2016 Exhibition  
  • Schaller Automation at SEA JAPAN 2016 Exhibition (13-15.04.2016)
  • Schaller Automation & AURAMARINE at SEA JAPAN 2014 Exhibition (9-11.04.2014)
  • Has engauged the Agreement as an Agent of Schaller Automation Pte ltd. in Japanese Market. (01.02.2013)
  • AURAMARINE Ltd. has received an IMO Type Approval for BWT "CrystalBallast" (15.10.2012)
  • Has started for BNWAS (Bridge Navigational Watch Alarm System)installation and supervising works of SEAMATE PLC model (12.04.2012)
  • AURAMARINE at SEA JAPAN 2012 Exhibition (18-20.04.2012)
  • Has been appointed to manage/dispatch the Training Faculty to YANMAR Technical Training School in Philippine. (20.03.2011)

Major Sales Produts & Services


- FuelSafe (M.G.O. handling System inc. smooth change-over control with coolers)

- F.O. Supply Unit (AMB-Mc Feeder Booster)

- Auxiliary Units

- Technical Service for Repair, Maintenance and Trouble Shooting

- Genuine Spare Parts Sales


- OMD Oil Mist Detector VISATRON A component of the DIEMOS-System

VN 115/87 plus VN 116/87 plus VN 215/87 plus
VN 115/93 VN 116/93 VN 215/93

- Technical Serive for Repair, Maintenance, Trouble Shooting and Retro Fitting

- Genuine Spare Parts Sales

Deno Compressor B.V. (will start from mid of July 2018)

- Air/Water Cooled Air Compressor

- Rotary screw Air Compressor

- Nitrogen Generator

- Technical Service for Repair, Maintenance and Trouble Shooting

- Genuine Spare Parts Sales

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